Hamish Taylor

Former CEO of Eurostar and Sainsbury's Bank

Speaker Themes

  • The Customer Promise: Lessons in putting the customer at the heart of all activities within your organisation (or department)
  • Masterthief: Lessons in driving innovation and change by “stealing” ideas from outside
  • Playing Reverse Football: Lessons in making sure you take the organisation with you!

Travels from

Edinburgh, UK


With a CV that the Times described as “takes some beating”, Hamish Taylor is an award-winning CEO and inspirational speaker/broadcaster whose career has taken him from international giants such as Procter and Gamble, PwC and British Airways to become CEO of Eurostar and then CEO of Sainsbury’s Bank … all before he was 40!

In each case Hamish Taylor left behind a record of significant business growth triggered by a willingness to challenge the normal way of doing things – so much so that his advice and assistance is now sought by organisations all over the world in many different industries. The Inspired Leaders Network gave him the title “Masterthief” based on his record of transferring ideas between sectors.In 1997, Hamish took over as Managing Director of Eurostar to reduce major losses. Two years later he was made CEO of the Eurostar Group. Hamish Taylor then became CEO of Sainsbury’s Bank where he used innovation to break away from traditional banking approaches and fuelled significant growth as a result.

In 2004, Hamish Taylor established his own company which focused on helping organisations to achieve breakthrough success by looking beyond their own environment.

Hamish is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport, and he was the Rail Professional Business Manager of the year for his success at Eurostar in 1998.

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Hamish Taylor’s energetic, thought-provoking and humorous keynotes are based on a rare combination of real stories and a fantastic ability to inspire audiences with tailored advice and practical tools. Regularly featured in broadcast media, today Hamish acts as an advisor to some of the world’s largest companies (and governments) assisting with specific innovation projects, customer focus and/or people leadership.

Hamish Taylor’s cross-sector achievements are his greatest source of qualification and they help him best guide businesses through growth and challenges alike.

Hamish’s keynotes, tailored to each specific audience, demonstrate the major breakthroughs that can be achieved by changing your approach.

Some of his most popular keynotes include:

  • Customer Promise: putting the customer first in all aspects within your organisation.
  • MasterThief: driving innovation and change by stealing external ideas.
  • Reverse Football: taking the organisation with you.

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