Jennifer Nadel

Political activist

Speaker Themes

  • Compassionate Leadership
  • Self-Care for Busy People
  • Emotions and How to Survive Them
  • Harnessing the Power of your Purpose
  • Living Well in a Stressful World

Travels from

London, UK


Jennifer Nadel is a bestselling author, international speaker, coach and award-winning journalist.

She has worked in and around Westminster for 30 years in high pressure high-stakes jobs. Whilst working as ITV’s Home Affairs Editor she suffered a catastrophic work-related burn out  and was told she’d never work again.

Since then Jennifer has run for parliament twice, founded the think-tank Compassion in Politics and written the Sunday Times bestseller, WE: A Manifesto For Women Everywhere (2017), with her friend the actress Gillian Anderson. In the book she outlines 9 principles which have the power to transform individuals, organisations and communities. 

As a journalist, Jennifer Nadel’s work focused on social injustice and gender equality. Her report from Bosnia on the use of rape as a weapon of war was used by UN War Crimes investigators and her book on domestic violence was made into a BBC film and a Channel 4 documentary. She believes that everyone can change and has worked with numerous high-profile individuals to enable them to live happier and more fulfilled lives.


Jennifer Nadel’s talks and workshops are tailor made for each client and topics covered include Compassionate Leadership, Self-Care for Busy People, Emotions and How to Survive Them, Harnessing the Power of your Purpose  and Living Well in a Stressful World. She speaks internationally at organisations including Google, Bloomberg, EY, Institute of Directors, Yale, Oxford and the UN. Her next book, On Compassion which she has produced alongside Matt Hawkins, will be published in 2021 by Routledge. She’s a dual UK/USA citizen.

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