Kimberley Wilson keynote speaker
Kimberley Wilson keynote speaker

Kimberley Wilson

Expert on the impact of nutrition on mental health

Speaker Themes

  • Mental health
  • How our diets affect our mental health & wellbeing

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London, UK


Kimberley Wilson is a chartered psychologist with a master’s degree in nutrition.

She is author of How to Build a Healthy Brain and Unprocessed: How the Food We Eat Is Fuelling Our Mental Health Crisis.

Kimberley believes the way we think about mental health – as separate from physical health is flawed. Her philosophy of Whole Body Mental Health is a comprehensive approach to mental health care; integrating evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle factors with psychological therapy.

A former governor of the Tavistock and Portman Mental Health Trust, Kimberley led the therapy service at Europe’s largest women’s prison. Kimberley hosted Radio 4’s Made of Stronger Stuff and regularly appears on ITV’s Lorraine and Channel 4’s Know Your S**t.

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Employee mental health has risen rapidly up the agenda of global businesses. Leaders are starting to see the connection between a workforce that is healthy and thriving, and the productive and creative capacities of their organisations.

Kimberley Wilson is a leading voice arguing that we need to pay more attention to the impact of our diets on our mental well-being. The food we eat affects, amongst other things, our decision-making, anxiety levels and neurological longevity, all of which are critical for us to perform well at work.

Kimberley’s illuminating presentations provide actionable insights based on cutting-edge research, to help employees and leaders take immediate steps to improve their wellbeing.

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