Kursty Groves keynote speaker
Kursty Groves keynote speaker

Kursty Groves

Expert on workplace design & creativity

Speaker Themes

  • Space for Innovation: How to create inspiring environments that support creativity and collaboration
  • The Shape of Work to Come
  • Elevating the Workplace Conversation

Travels from

Kent, UK


Kursty Groves is an award-winning designer, innovation consultant, author, speaker, professor and workplace strategy advisor. 

With a background in innovation consulting, capability development and design, Kursty’s approach to workplace is grounded in co-creation, putting people at the heart.  

Kursty Groves helps organisations cultivate the right cultural and physical environments to support innovation. 

Her experience includes designing and running creativity workshops, driving innovation and internal transformation projects and coaching senior executives around innovation culture issues.

Appointed in 2013 as adjunct professor at the IE University in Madrid, she is running a postgraduate Masters in Strategic Design of Spaces: New Trends in Spaces for Innovation.

Kursty is also the author of two books: I Wish I Worked There! A Look Inside The Most Creative Spaces In Business (2010), and Spaces For Innovation: The Design And Science Of Inspiring Environments(2016).

Kursty Groves is the host of business podcast, The Office Chronicles, which charts the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on workplaces. As part of this podcast, she hosts a miniseries called Space Matters, in which she interviews experts from the worlds of psychology, neuroscience, organisational development, tech, architecture and design to explore four different aspects of space that impact work performance – physical space, digital space, social space and headspace.


In an increasingly changeable business landscape driven by rapid technological change, creativity and innovation are critical to success.

Kursty brilliantly articulates the connection between physical environment and the flow of ideas.

Through a rich array of case studies, she explains the design principles that encourage creative activity such as reflection, collaboration, stimulation and play.

And with the pandemic bringing conversations about the future of the workplace to the fore, her insights are more relevant than ever.

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