Lotte Jeffs

Award-winning writer on LGBTQ+ issues

Speaker Themes

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • LGBTQ+ issues
  • The Generation Gap
  • The Art of Soft Power in Hard Times

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Lotte Jeffs (she/they) is an award-winning magazine writer and editor and the author of How To Be A Gentlewoman: The Art of Soft Power in Hard Times.

Lotte writes for the Times and the Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph and numerous other publications and has worked in advertising as well as editorial. She was previously Acting Editor in Chief of ELLE.

Lotte is an award-winning podcast host, co-hosting Some Families and From Gay to Ze with Stu Oakley – both of which are a celebration of queer parenting, by queer parents. She has also authored My Magic Family, a picture book about diverse families, and The Queer Parent, the must-have parenting toolkit for the LGTBQ+ community, their friends, family and allies.

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Lotte is an accomplished speaker and event host. Their speaking topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Be More Gay

How queering your outlook can free you from the constraints of heteronormativity, tradition and gendered expectations and lead to a happier and more fulfilled life, regardless of your sexuality.

  • The Generation Gap

With Gen Z filtering into the workplace and Gen Alpha hot on their heels, what are the conflicts arising from this generational clash? For example – the gay man who lived through the AIDS crisis and does not want to be called ‘queer’ as it was a term of abuse, versus the 23-year-old non-binary genderqueer person who finds the term empowering. Why might a 50-year-old gay woman not understand why she’s being asked to put pronouns on her email? What might the expectations of a 30-year-old lesbian going through IVF be of her managers, and why might this cause resentment from older lesbian mums? This talk looks at how we can listen and learn from each other and, as leaders, how we can encourage an open forum and positive discussion.

  • The Art of Soft Power in Hard Times

Why communication, empathy, creativity, grace and kindness are the skills needed to lead a team in the new world of work.

  • Gentle Parenting

A follow-on from How To Be A Gentlewoman, this open, inclusive and non-judgmental method of parenting uses the same techniques discussed in Lotte’s book but applies them to raising happy and balanced children. From routine to self-care and the power of active listening, gentle parenting is designed to minimise stress and create the kind of environment where everybody thrives.