Timothy Armoo keynote speaker
Timothy Armoo keynote speaker

Timothy Armoo

Pioneering social media entrepreneur

Speaker Themes

  • Gen Z marketing and branding
  • How to engage a multi-generational workforce
  • Building a 21st century business
  • Work culture
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Leadership
  • How to reach a Gen Z audience
  • The changing face of media

Travels from

London, UK


Timothy Armoo is a pioneer in the world of influencer marketing and brand building.

Aged twenty-one, Timo founded Fanbytes, helping global brands including Nike, Samsung, Deliveroo and the UK Government engage with Gen Z via Influencer Marketing.

In 2022, five and a half years post launch, Timo sold Fanbytes to global marketing company Brainlabs in an eight-figure exit. This marked Timo’s second successful exit, having sold his first business EntrepreneurXpress – a business media publication – to Horizon when he was just seventeen.

Timo’s success and expertise has seen him win a string of accolades, including Huffington Post’s Entrepreneur of the Year, named social media person of the year by The Drum, the 2021 face of Forbes 30 Under 30, and highlighted by London’s Evening Standard as one of the most influential people in the media industry.  

Timo has spoken to audiences worldwide including Goldman Sachs, YouTube, Barclays, PwC, and Nespresso, and shared the stage with leading media figures including Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

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As one of the few visible black leaders in the marketing and tech space, Tim is a recognised thought leader on themes including reaching a Gen Z audience and creating a Gen Z mindset, the new world of media and building and future proofing a multi-generational workforce.

Timo’s keynote topics include:  

The most influential generation we have ever seen: How to reach a Gen Z audience and create a Gen Z Mindset. With the phone as their mouthpiece to the world, Gen Z has a different ways of looking at the world and can amplify things they like and don’t like. Having built a company staffed with mainly Gen Z and helping brands to win the hearts of Gen Z, Timo looks at how to create a movement with Gen Z regardless of what type of brand you are.

Building a workforce for the future: How to future-proof your business and appeal across multiple generations. The success of any organisation is its culture and increasingly, it’s becoming more important that different generations need to interact effectively to achieve business success. Timo uncovers how to get the best out of each group, how to drive significance between groups and ensure that every member of the team is driven towards creating business value.

The role of new media: How influencer marketing and social media has changed the media landscape for the better. Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm and formed the foundation of some of the most successful companies worldwide. Having built one of the largest global influencer companies, Timo considers how to leverage this form of marketing and avoid the pitfalls that plague many brands and marketers today.

Instilling an entrepreneurial mindset: Lessons learnt from building and working with global brands.  Retaining, developing and utilising talent within an organisation is paramount and requires drawing on employees’ intrapreneurial spirit along with their entrepreneurial flair. Timo looks at how businesses and organisations that are committed to combining these two mindsets can enhance innovation, growth and drive long term business success.

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