• Critical thinking — evaluating evidence, questioning assumptions, overcoming bias and putting ideas to a meaningful test — is a core skill for 21st-century work and leadership.
  • The World Economic Forum ranked critical thinking and problem-solving as the top skills employers want in its Future of Jobs report.
  • In its Skills For 2030 report, the OECD highlighted critical thinking as central to our abilities to work, lead and collaborate alongside advanced technologies.
  • The Carnegie Foundation called it “the essential skill for navigating the future.”
Critical Thinking Workshops with Tom Chatfield


This highly interactive and tailored workshop helps you to build a custom toolkit for critical thinking at your organisation — and to put fundamental principles into practice, such as:

  • Managing time and attention to take control of your information environment
  • Overcoming confirmation bias in the 21st-century context
  • Seeking refutation and putting ideas to a meaningful test
  • Questioning assumptions and creating constructive disagreements
  • Understanding what it means to use technology well

Tom provides a brief overview of the masterclasses, and how they can benefit you and your organisation


Workshops include:

  • 2 x 45-minute briefing calls determining the key thinking tools that are right for your organisation’s particular context. A brief suggested session plan is delivered after the first call

  • Pre-workshop reading materials

  • Either a two-hour or half-day interactive workshop, online or in-person, using a mix of discussions, exercises, and group and personal reflections to bring key ideas to life

  • Take-home summary of key principles and next steps

  • An optional one-hour follow-up session, delivered virtually, to reflect upon changes, lessons and iterations

  • The option to purchase a book for each participant at cost


These workshops are designed and delivered by best-selling author, tech philosopher, broadcaster and critical thinking expert Dr Tom Chatfield:

  • Board-level consultant and keynote speaker at organisations including Google, Facebook, RBS, Lloyds, Allianz, BBC, ITV, the US National Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society & Institution, Aspen Seminars for Leaders and the World Congress on IT

  • Creator of multiple bestselling critical thinking books and courses used at hundreds of companies, universities and institutions across the world

  • Guest faculty member at the Said Business School, Oxford, for its Strategic Leadership and Management Acceleration programmes

  • TED Global speaker and author of ten further books of award-winning non-fiction and fiction, published in over thirty languages

  • Experienced Non-Executive Director

  • Faculty member and course designer for CrossKnowledge, providing world-leading online business skills training to over 12 million users in 130 countries

“Tom brings food for thought. He has been a regular and highly successful contributor to the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme. The quality of his questions, the rigorousness of his thinking and the insights he brings help people to question their assumptions – in short, he challenges them to think again. The discussions Tom provokes are always illuminating – and helpful – to the senior leaders on the programme and beyond.”

—- Tracey Camilleri, Programme Director for the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme at the Said Business School

If you’d like to explore booking a Critical Thinking Workshop at your organisation, email Leo von Bülow-Quirk at leo@vbqspeakers.com