From Microsoft to Marks & Spencer, from Chanel to Warburtons, Bruce Daisley has worked with leadership teams at some of the best known brands in country as they have wrestled with the challenge of improving their workplace culture. 

Bruce’s workshops provide an opportunity for leadership teams to debate the culture they want to build, and agree on the steps to bring it vividly to life.

The session will:

  • Reflect on the ingredients of positive cultures
  • Provide an opportunity to discuss the distinct directions that cultures can choose to go down
  • Give a forum for a leadership team to tackle the issue of how they want their team to work
  • Allow the space for divergent views to be aired and discussed
  • Create space for disagreement to be heard – and shared resolutions to be made

Whether it is debating a return to the office or discussing the impact of flexible working on the organisation, past workshops have been powerfully cathartic for leadership teams. 

Workplace Culture Workshop Bruce Daisley

Previous attendees have expressed a satisfaction that they were able to express feelings that they’ve felt unable to voice previously. 

Bruce’s approach is pragmatic and informed – with years of exposure to hundreds of different cultures he knows that there is no ‘right’ answer for these themes. This isn’t about being forced into a standard approach, the power of these sessions is allowing candid, directed discussion to help reach an authentic solution for your firm.

Here’s an example of how the workshop might be structured.

Section 1: Understanding our work styles

In the first part of this workshop, Bruce sets out to help us interpret how we subjectively prefer to work. A discussion of what we prefer helps us understand the diverse audiences who make up a workforce – and give us space to reflect on the differences that we each bring to a team. 

Group discussion enables team members to compare their own preferences – and how these work alongside the approaches of others.

Section 2: What do we stand for?

Discussions of values often prove one of the most engaged and passionate parts of the day. Sometimes values are already agreed – and we take time to ask how strongly we’re bringing them to life. Othertimes a bigger discussion is required about where we are and where we need to go.

Bruce challenges the team with thought-provoking interventions. (How honest are our values, for example? Most claimed company values aren’t recognised in the employee experience of companies.) Are there key behaviours that we build in the team? How do we induct employees into our culture? How do we hire for these values?

Section 3: Understanding workplace dynamics

Now we move from the subjective to the objective. 

Discussing trends in the jobs market, competitive pressures and evolving trends helps us think about our competitive position. What do we want to be a beacon for? How do our ways of working align with our values? What could we do to be more effective?

Section 4: Agreeing our approach 

By the time we draw our session to a conclusion the discussion frequently has felt productive. Leaders feel that their contribution has been recognised. The objective at this stage is to reach agreement. What consensus holds us together, and how can we bring the broader team along on the journey from here.


“That was an incredibly powerful session – thank you” – Microsoft

“We frequently refer back to the conversations of that day” – Ubisoft

About Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is a bestselling author and technology leader from the UK. He has become regarded as one of the most respected thought leaders on the subject of workplace culture and the future of work.

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