2018: the year AI goes mainstream?

The hype around AI has continued to build in early 2018, with some predicting this will be the year it moves properly from the experimental phase to the mainstream.

But what are the key trends and innovations businesses should be looking out for?

From healthcare, transport and retail to the future of work, marketing and ethics, here are some of our favourite AI speakers from VBQ’s network (in no particular order)…

Dario Floreano

  • Robotics and drones
  • AI
  • Impact on business and society

Kathryn Parsons

  • Co-founder of Decoded
  • Adviser to UK government on digital skills
  • Trends in AI, cyber, data, blockchain…
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Women in tech

Robert Riener

  • Robotics, AI and Virtual Reality
  • Robotics and VR in healthcare
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Founder of the Cybathlon – the world’s first “Olympics for augmented humans”

David Rowan

  • Editor-at-Large, Wired UK
  • The impact of AI on global business, society and politics

Pippa Malmgren

  • The intersection of tech trends with economics and geopolitics
  • Founder, H Robotics

Julia Hobsbawm

  • Author, Fully Connected: surviving and thriving in an age of overload (2017)
  • The future of work in the digital age

Moran Cerf

  • Human consciousness and AI
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Human 2.0
  • The ethics of AI

Noreena Hertz

  • Best-selling author
  • Impressive track record of predicting global trends
  • Thriving in an age of digital disruption and AI

Ben Hammersley

  • LA-based futurist

Calum Chace

  • Author of The Economic Singularity and Surviving A.I.

Gerd Leonhard

  • Expert on future trends and corporate strategy
  • Author, Technology vs. Humanity (2016)

Max Tegmark

  • Best-selling author, Life 3.0: Being Human In An Age Of Artificial Intelligence

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