Bruce Daisley to publish new book: “Fortitude: Unlocking the Secrets of Inner Strength”

In August 2022, Bruce Daisley will publish his latest book, Fortitude: Unlocking the Secrets of Inner Strength.

We are constantly being told that, in order to succeed in life, we have to be tough and stubborn.

But Bruce believes this is simply not true.

In this book, he shows how simple mind exercises can help us achieve a sense of control, and how we can draw on the people around us to empower ourselves and build our inner-strength.

Through a range of practical and empirically tested advice, Fortitude sets out a path to greater self-confidence and courage that can empower us all.

VBQ has had the pleasure of working with Bruce for several years, and he has always received superb feedback for his speeches, both in in-person and virtual settings.

He is the former VP EMEA of Twitter, host of work culture podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat, and best-selling author of The Joy Of Work.

For further information about Bruce’s availability, speaking topics and fees, contact Leo von Bülow-Quirk at leo@vbqspeakers


“A book that confirms what I’ve always believed, that we can’t be resilient on our own. In fact resilience is about all of us being stronger than any of us” — Gary Lineker

“This is a truly refreshing, captivating and important book that shifted my perception on a topic I thought I knew! A must-read.” — Steven Bartlett

“Deeply thoughtful, provocative and insightful, ‘Fortitude’ will push you to question assumptions, think again about your life narrative and probably care more about your friends and community.” — Professor Lynda Gratton