Kathryn Parsons at VMworld Europe

Kathryn Parsons

Technology & innovation Speaker

Kathryn Parsons, co-Founder and CEO of digital skills firm Decoded, took part in a fascinating star-studded panel discussion at VMworld Europe in Barcelona last week.

The topic was AI: A New Era Of Trust And Technology, and the organisers described it as “a truly out-of-this-world session that blew our minds”!

Appearing alongside Professor Brian Cox, Sophie Hackford and Alex Champandard, the discussion ranged from why we haven’t been visited by aliens yet, to whether autonomous AI-led companies will rule the future of business without the need for humans.

One of Kathryn’s key points was that we need to prepare younger generations better to make the most of the digital revolution:

“Employers today are looking for adaptability, speed of learning, builders and problem solvers. These forward-thinkers aren’t coming from the education system – they’re coming from startups. We need to broaden how our children learn about technology”.

Kathryn Parsons is a brilliant keynote speaker on technology, the future of business and the future of work.

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