Leading Expert on Brexit Joins VBQ Speakers

Anand Menon

Geopolitics Speaker

We’re delighted and excited to be representing Professor Anand Menon for his speaking engagements.

A distinguished academic, Anand is a leading analyst of British and European politics and one of the UK’s foremost commentators on Brexit and the future of the EU.

He is Director of UK in a Changing Europe, a think tank dedicated to high-quality, impartial research into the impact of EU policies, attitudes towards the EU, and the evolving relationship between the EU and Britain. Anand is also Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at King’s College London.

In his latest book, Brexit and British Politics (forthcoming October 2017, co-authored with Geoff Evans), he makes the case that Brexit is the result of long-term trends that have been in motion for decades. To fully grasp the implications of Brexit for Britain and Europe, he argues it is crucial to place it in this wider context.

You can find further information about Anand, his speaking topics and book, as well as video clips and media articles, in his biography.

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One year on after the referendum, Anand outlines the 4 key variables that will determine the shape of Brexit (03.05-09.22 minutes, June 2017)