Anand Menon politics keynote speaker
Anand Menon politics keynote speaker

Anand Menon

Director, UK in a changing Europe

Speaker Themes

  • The future of the EU and its institutions
  • EU foreign and security policy
  • The long-term causes of Brexit, and their future implications
  • Trends in British politics
  • European politics

Travels from

London or Oxford, UK


As well as being a leading professor in British and European politics, Anand Menon is also one of the most prominent voices on Brexit and the future of the European Union.

Having taught at the universities of Oxford and Birmingham, Menon was later appointed Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at King’s College London. Throughout his tenure, Anand Menon has completed extensive research on the politics and policies of the European Union. 

As the Director of a leading think tank, UK in a Changing Europe, he has run research projects into the policies of the EU, and the impact of these on both Europe and Britain. 

Menon’s book, Brexit and British Politics (October 2017), suggests that Britain’s exit from the European Union was in fact the result of changing opinions and trends that have been growing throughout the last several decades. He makes the case that the implications of Brexit can only be fully understood by placing it in a wider context.

Anand Menon is currently also an Associate Fellow of Chatham House and Senior Associate Member of Nuffield College Oxford. He is known for his in-depth research into European politics and is one of the best regarded analysts of Brexit and its implications. 

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Anand Menon has been studying the inner workings of European politics for decades. His research into EU policies and their impact, and his impartial analysis of Brexit and the evolving UK-EU relationship makes him an incredibly valuable speaker for audiences looking to explore these issues in greater detail. 

As a speaker, Anand Menon provides unparalleled insight and incredible clarity into the hot button issues surrounding the future of Europe.


“Friday went amazingly well, we’ve received great feedback on the panel overall and on Anand. Please thank him again for joining us.” — Leading sales & marketing agency for their annual Retail Conference

Anand’s session was a hit…our delegates really enjoyed his talk and learned a lot. We would be very interested in involving him in future events.” — Online media network for their CFO Roundtable

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