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Tom Chatfield - Keynote Speaker

Book Tom Chatfield as a keynote speaker. Tom Chatfield is a British writer, broadcaster and tech philosopher. His debut novel, This Is Gomorrah, which explores the world of the Dark Net, is published in July 2019. For more information on technology speaker Tom Chatfield, contact VBQ Speakers founding agent Leo von Bülow-Quirk on leo@vbqspeakers.com or 0044 7833 727090.


Tom Chatfield

Tech philosopher & novelist

Speaker Themes

  • Being human in the digital age

  • How to think clearly about technology

  • AI

  • Big data

  • Cyber security

  • The future of work


Kent, UK



Tom Chatfield is a British writer, broadcaster and tech philosopher. His seven books exploring contemporary culture—most recently Live This Book! (Penguin) and Critical Thinking (SAGE Publishing), researched as a Visiting Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute—are published in over two dozen languages.

In October 2017, he signed a two-book deal to write international conspiracy thrillers set in the world of the dark net. The first of these - This Is Gomorrah - will be published in July 2019.

Tom is interested in improving our understanding of digital technology, and its uses in policy, education and engagement. He is currently technology and media advisor at Agathos LLP; Non-Executive Director at the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society; a faculty member at London’s School of Life; a Master’s Committee member at the Economics Research Council; guest faculty member at the Saïd Business School, Oxford; and a senior expert at the Global Governance Institute.

Past collaborators include Google, the BBC, Channel 4 Education, Mind Candy, Shift, Flamingo London, Six to Start, Preloaded, Firefish, Future Lab, Sense Worldwide, SAGE Publications, Sugru and Allianz.

As a speaker and broadcaster, Tom’s appearances include TED Global and the Cannes Lions Festival; authors@Google; the World Congress on Information Technology; Science Foo Camp; Intelligence Squared; the Houses of Parliament; Aspen Seminars for Leaders; the RSA, Royal Society and Royal Institution; and venues ranging from the Sydney Opera House to the Googleplex.

A launch columnist for the BBC’s worldwide technology site, BBC Future, Tom writes and comments widely in the international media, as well as guest lecturing at universities in the UK and Europe. He is a regular on BBC radio and television, and broadcasts around the world.


Tom’s mission is to help audiences think critically and clearly about the digital revolution. From AI to big data and cyber crime, he brilliantly maps out the potential opportunities and pitfalls we face, and explores what it means to be human in this new era.


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