Great reviews!

Kathryn Parsons diversity keynote speaker
Kathryn Parsons diversity keynote speaker

Our passion at VBQ is connecting clients with speakers who challenge, engage and inspire their audience.

Here’s a small selection of brilliant thinkers we’ve worked with recently, all of whom have received fantastic reviews.

Whether their subject be political and economic trends, technology, innovation, leadership or teamwork, they all help audiences see the world with fresh eyes.


Founder, Decoded

With infectious passion and great intellectual clarity, Kathryn throws light on the impact of digital technology on business, 21st century skills, and how we can all be empowered by technology.

“Kathryn brought up some really interesting points during the discussion, and was able to engage and hold the attention of our audience…if an opportunity comes up, we’d love to work with her again!”

— Leading Tech Firm

David Rowan

Editor-at-Large, WIRED UK

A journalist and investor, David is brilliant on how technology is re-shaping the global business landscape. He is currently travelling the world researching a book on how smart companies are innovating.

“David delivered a great speech!”

— Telcomms Company

“We have nothing but positive feedback”

— Global Car Manufacturer

Julia Hobsbawm

Best-selling author, “Fully Connected

Julia Hobsabwm OBE is an entrepreneur, commentator, author and speaker on “Social Health”, modern connectedness and how to thrive in an age of overload. 

“It went extremely well!”

— Leading Software Firm

Moran Cerf

Trail-blazing neuroscientist

Moran used to be a cyber hacker, hired by organisations to break into their security systems. As a neuroscientist, he has used this hacker’s approach to “hack the brain” and better understand human consciousness and decision-making. 

“The speech was a huge success”

— VC Firm

Harper Reed

CTO, Obama For America 2012

Harper is a hacker and engineer who builds paradigm-shifting tech and leads others to do the same. A hugely entertaining and charismatic speaker on everything from digital business to AI, Big Data and entrepreneurship.

“Harper was great!”

— Global Software Firm

Sir John Sawers

Former Chief of MI6

With his decades of experience at the highest levels of diplomacy and government, very few people are as well-placed as Sir John to discuss the key geopolitical trends shaping the 21st century.

“I love Sir John – he’s incredible on stage”

— Top Tech Firm

Anand Menon

Director, UK In A Changing Europe

Everyone’s talking about Brexit (well, at least in the UK), but few do it with Anand’s level of insight, humour and energy. He combines expertise on macro political trends with an intimate knowledge of European corridors of power.

“Anand’s session was a hit and our delegates really enjoyed his talk and learnt a lot. We would be very interested in involving him in future events.”

— Web-hosting Firm