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Contact VBQ Speakers for creativity keynote speaker & innovation keynote speaker recommendations. We work with the world’s leading neuroscientists, journalists, chefs, conductors and architects who will inspire your audience to achieve conceptual breakthroughs. For creativity keynote speaker and innovation keynote speaker fees and availability, contact Leo von Bülow-Quirk at leo@vbqspeakers or 0044 (0) 7833 727090.


Creativity & Innovation Speakers

A selection of Creativity & Innovation keynote speakers from our global network

We work with the world’s leading creators - from neuroscientists, journalists and chefs to conductors and architects - who will inspire your audience to achieve those critical conceptual breakthroughs.

Moran Cerf

Trail-blazing neuroscientist

Ed Cooke

Grand Master of Memory
CEO, Memrise

Kathryn Parsons

Expert on digital transformation

David Rowan

Author, The Disruptors: A Wired Editor’s Quest For Non-Bullshit Innovation (2019)

Tony Conigliaro

Legendary cocktail pioneer

Vivienne Ming

Theoretical neuroscientist
Expert on using AI to maximise human potential

Michael Pawlyn

Architect pioneering the technique of biomimicry

Itay Talgam

Classical conductor
Author, The Ignorant Maestro (2015)


Why Book A Creativity & innovation Speaker?

As new technologies proliferate and we become ever more interconnected, the possibilities for disruptive innovation are multiplying. 

It is crucial for business leaders and their teams to be at the top of their creative game if they are to take advantage of these opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

From neuroscientists and journalists to chefs, mixologists, conductors and architects, our global network of keynote speakers gives you access to a host of innovators who are re-defining their field.

Their stories not only entertain and inspire; they also provide concrete principles that audiences can use to cultivate a creative mindset at work.  

If you’d like some bespoke creativity & innovation speaker recommendations, contact Leo on 0044 (0) 7833 727090 or leo@vbqspeakers.com.